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I have a new invented theory.where to show this?

can i get any website to submit my new theory?its a very important theory.i live in a small country,bangladesh. that's why,i need online website ...

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Will bangs worsen my existing acne or prevent it from getting better?

I wash my face three times a day and live in a very humid country. I already use dermatologist prescribed washes, creams, etc. I really really want ...

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I want to travel and I need help?

okay, i'm 16 and i live in Egypt. I AM MISERABLE. i want to to travel out of this country. I want to go to America. My parents are ...

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Which country was apple founded?

(a) USA (b) CANADA

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Where to travel for 2-3 weeks HURRY PLEASE?

the country needs to be cheap/1.0 USD = 1.2+ of other about 15 days worth of stuff to do for hours at a time(museums tourist ...

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