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What would the country of origin be for the name Taylor Andrew Stephens?

Just curious as the what my name would be considered... Like is it English, Irish, Greek? Stuff like that

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Google - which country is won the world cup in 2015?

world cup in 2015

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How can I receive more Social Security benefits?

Received Social Security at 62, now I'm 65, For several years I have a high foreign bank interest income that is taxed by that country and ...

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Which country was apple founded?

(a) USA (b) CANADA

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Where to travel for 2-3 weeks HURRY PLEASE?

the country needs to be cheap/1.0 USD = 1.2+ of other about 15 days worth of stuff to do for hours at a time(museums tourist ...

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I want to travel and I need help?

okay, i'm 16 and i live in Egypt. I AM MISERABLE. i want to to travel out of this country. I want to go to America. My parents are ...

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Discuss whether male and female who are in "survival" or "transactional sex" are empowered or?

... disempowered? Highlight the health consequences for transactional sex ...

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