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Can I attach a TV mount to a window's casing?

I want to put up my tv mount but the place where I want to put it is covered by a door casing and a windows casing with no drywall in-between and ...

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Can I get an engineering job in Japan if I have tattoos?

Is it possible to get civil engineering jobs in japan if I have some tattoos in my left arm even though they can be covered up?pretty small ones. ...

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Is there anything more tastier than chocolated covered peanuts?

I just love them,

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Did I ruin my car? Please help!?

I was driving up a hill covered in ice and snow and the only way I made it was flooring the gas peddle all the way to the floor. While my ...

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Can you get a tattoo covered up twice?

I got a small tattoo years ago that I loved. A few years afterwards I decided to get an addition to it. The artist, while adding my ...

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The wheel of the covered wagon turned around once in about 12 feet. the diameter of the wheel was a?

its on my math book and its a abcd question a) 6 feet b) 4 feet c) 3 ...

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