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Is this some type of allergy?

In the past couple years I've began struggling with certain foods. A lot of pastas and breads will make me sick(stomach ache/cramps, diarrhea). ...

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Having Painful Cramps [Abdominal] Don't Read This If You Are Disgusted Easily (A Girl Thing)?

I have been having painful cramps recently that felt before and after my ...

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I am having cramps a day after me and my boyfriend had sex is this normal?

Me and my boyfriend had sex last night and the condom broke. Now today I am having weird ...

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What can help me with period cramps?

I can't swallow pills, I spit them back up. I can't skip school, and I get nauseous. Please help.

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I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago with my ex bf and he cam inside me ever since and I've been?

... having bad cramps and heartburn also been feeling really sick in ...

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Why is this happening?

I lost my virginity two days ago to a man that I've known and trusted for a long time. Yes, we used protection and yes, he is clean. I just ...

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