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Female anatomy question?

So one night I was getting in the shower and when I looked at my vagina, on the inside there was this white thick cream colored stuff literally STUCK ...

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My breast size is 32. I want to get 34/36 size. suggest me cream/product to enlarge naturally?

my age is 20. weight is 49.height is 5'1. i dont want surgery.suggest ...

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Am I healthy?

i have really unhealthy habits but i'm not fat or chubby so i don't know? everyday i play the computer and eat cheetos, cool whip, ice cream and ...

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My vagina is itching very bad?

Well before i had a very bad itching as well but this last week i used a hair removal cream for the vagina after that when i had sex it ...

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I like this guy. He always invites me places.But he always talkes about other girls.Does he like me?

Like today we went and he taught me how to play soccer and he always ...

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Did Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream harmed my skin?

I have never had any oily skin problem or pimple problem. I have always take special care of my skin and even going to a ...

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