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What should I do about my sisters creepy boyfriend who was weird with me?

So I was helping watch my nieces and nephew when I was sitting on the couch my sisters boyfriend came over and played with my hair and I felt creeped ...

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Creepy, lizard like white geckos on my porch at night?

I have what I think are albino lizards or geckos on my porch at night. Their poop looks like large mouse or rat poop. I never see them in daytime. ...

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How do I find out who sent me a creepy love message on Instagram?

I got a creepy love DM on Instagram and their account is completely empty. Is there any way I can find the IP address or find out who they are?

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Creepy email - What should I do?

Ok so I got an email a couple of days ago at like 7:44 in the morning and it says that it's from Sarah, so I'm thinking Sarah ...

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Schools - Okay, so I'm 14 and I'm having problems at school. I have friends at my school but not a?

... lot. Whenever I walk down the halls I can hear people whisper to ...

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I need to write a short horror story does anyone have any ideas?

It has to be 350 words horror and must be very creepy and scary and NOT posted form Internet

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Creepy little gamer is stalking my son... how do I get him to stop? son is an adult. He has already received a temporary restraining order against this ...

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What happens on normalpornfornormalpeople?

I was just looking at some creepypastas and then i read this: "Everybody knows that if you surf the web long enough, ...

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