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Is wearing a crimped wig cultural appropriation?

I recently bought a wig online that was a bit curlier than advertised. it was pre-crimped and it irked me because i didn't want to appropriate ...

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Let's just say for example you are a cultural relativist and you think that ALL acts of civil...

... disobedience are wrong. Why do you think this?

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Your schhol organising the cultural evening to collect funds for slum children.draft a notice?

the human resources development minister as a chief guest

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What had a bigger impact on you: Star Wars or Star Trek? And Why?

This is for an assignment where I'm comparing the cultural significance of these two forms of ...

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Compare the concept (the idea behind) and conduct (the actual implementation) of the Christian?

... crusade with that of the Islamic jihad. 2.Compare how each religion ...

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What are Cultural Coins?

I am currently trying to get an overview of all the different kinds of cryptocurrency because, on the one hand, I think it is really interesting, ...

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