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How can I naturally curl my eyelashes?

I've tried curling wands, heated curling wands, curling while applying mascara, etc. but nothing works! They stay curled for a little bit, but ...

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Can you throw a rock diagonally in curling? It seems it would be beneficial but no one does it?

Been watching during the Olympics. I am a new curling fan and do not understand why they would curl a shot when the diagonal shot would be better?

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My hair gets curly when I don’t use shampoo, what shampoo will help me keep the curls and smell?

... i haven’t been washing my hair with my shampoo every 2 days like i usually do, i noticed that my shampoo makes my hair straight. it’s ...

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Is a texture for my daughters hair good?

she has tight curls that are really hard to manage. she is ten years old and is bi-racial. When her hair is wet its really long ...

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Why cant I dunk a basketball I'm tall enough?

I'm 6'2 i have strong legs but cant dunk. Its not a matter of athleticism because i'm very athletic fast ...

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Should I join the navy seals?

Hi I am 17 and athletic. I can do 75 puships( I was Doug 190 and I stopped for a while) 20 chin-ups 15 pull-ups, 50 crunches (sit-ups), I ...

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What will happen if I put s curl in my dreads?

Like what would it look like or do to them

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