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Why do I have the urge to hurt the people I love so much?

I constantly think about harming the ones I love, I think about forcing them to stay with me and I think about cutting them. I feel so bad for even ...

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Is there a way to get insulation foam out of hair without cutting?

Freinds boyfriend thought it would be funny to put a ball in her long hair without thinking about getting it out Been there now about 10 min now and ...

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How do I stop it?

I have a sharp tooth that keeps cutting my tongue, how do I stop it?

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How do I convince my parents to let me get a pixie cut?

I'm 13 and my parents won't let me get a pixie cut. She said cutting my hair like a boy is a sin against ...

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I only cut myself once. do I still need help?

im dealing with a lot of friendship problems and stress and self-image issues, and i was just feeling overall anxious, so i ...

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How can I get my sister to like me!?

Ever since I was young my sister hates me. She calls me fat and she curses me all the time. She yells at me all the time. I have ...

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What should I Do? My friend cuts alot, she is depressed, sad, and no one listens to me about it?

Ive told her mom, she does nothing. She ia dating a guy she has never ...

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Help me please...?

im 15 and ive been self harming since i was 5. cutting since i was 10. i took an online test and it says i probably have dependant personaltiy ...

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