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Early cycle?

What does it mean if your period comes early for 3 months straight? So for three months straight my cycle has been coming on early. The first month ...

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Which hormone closely follows body temperature for females?

We were doing a menstrual cycle lab and we had the choices of LH, FSH, estrogen, and progesterone. I chose estrogen and got half a mark. What is the ...

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What are the five broad steps involved in managing archives?

the management of archives takes place in the last phase of the records life cycle.

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Sex with someone on the 4th day of my period. ( I have a short cycle, so the blood was almost all?

... gone when it happened) He had a condom on and he was only inside ...

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I am having cramps a day after me and my boyfriend had sex is this normal?

Me and my boyfriend had sex last night and the condom broke. Now today I am having weird ...

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Late and unusual period?

Hello, I always get my period on time, 28 day cycle and last between 3-4 days. I track them with a period tracker app that I have on my phone. ...

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Do think I'm pregnant?

Okay, I got my cycle on July 4, 2012 and now on the July 29, 2012 it cam back but different. It started out as spots but then it became a medium ...

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Im 26 and my menstrual cycle has always been normal but now I have big clots all day?

my period is usually for about 4 days and comes exactly 28 days later. The first ...

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