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What are the top reasons why every food delivery business should have a food delivery app?

A food delivery app can help food delivery businesses provide a better customer experience, increase efficiency, access valuable data, gain a ...

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Excel: How to summarise results for each student and for each subject?

I'm trying to summarise data where each row of data is a particular test. Each subject may have multiple tests and each student may have ...

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What are some of the top online BA courses for business majors?

Some of the top online BA courses for business majors include courses on business ethics, financial management, data analytics, entrepreneurship, ...

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Which cloud service is best to store my data backup? How safe are data in these cloud services?

Dropbox, skydrive, box or any other? Which is the best and safest cloud ...

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Curiosity is important in the progress of science because it....?

A) aids in the interpretation of data B) encourages new experimentation C) ensures the inclusion of ...

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I need help on science work?

a scientist reads relevant literature and designer her experiment. She repeats her experiment several times and collects an entire set of ...

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Can I play the kim kardashian game on my other device with my saved data?

I know this sounds confusing but it's really simple, so i play the kim kardashian game on ...

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I want to recover my all previous data o drive in windows?

My whole drive data is lost because I installed ubuntu. After that, I formatted my Laptop and make new drives. ...

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