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To people who has ever read “A pool of blue thread”?

What do you think is the good point and bad point of Abby Whitshank in her characteristics. I’m having a debate over this theme but ...

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Percentage debate?

interest rates hit high of 21% in 1981. over 32 years, interest rates decreased by 69%. what was the interest rate in 2013

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Is eating shredded cheese by itself weird?

My boyfriend who eats shredded Kraft cheese as a snack out of the bag doesn't believe it is weird, but I do. It is a ...

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Religion - Do you know of any quality debates on whether Jesus is an eternal or created being?

I'm particularly looking for a Trinitarian vs. Jehovah's Witness ...

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Eat a cereal that's tasteless only with water or dry for at least a year. do it or not?

my health teacher asked me this and lots of debate. which would you choose?

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AFFIRM Resolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea's best interest?

I need reasons why deploying THAAD in South Korea is in their best interest. This ...

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Debate help!!?

Reasons why you might think that citizens must be willing to sacrifice their selfish desires for their nations common good?

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