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I play Puzzly Words I would like to know why the word blondie was not acceptable?

blondie, Merriam Webster definition: a small square of dense, pale-colored cake, typically of a butterscotch or vanilla flavor. "cut brownies, ...

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Please help me with math very important?

Question 1 (Matching Worth 1 points) [5.01] MA.6.A.2.1 Match each pair of equivalent ratios. Match Term Definition ten over ...

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What is the scientific definition of death? Why do we become old?

I want to know about the scientific cause of death and becoming old?

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Definition of marketing?

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Need help please?

Hi this is Amy. My son is looking for definitions of Point, Plane, Line, Collinear points, Concurrent lines, Parallel lines, Intersecting lines.Please ...

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