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Custom jewellery?

Bryanston Jewellers is a designer, manufacturer and importer of platinum, gold, and diamond jewellery. know about for more sourcing and stocking the ...

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Which one of the following is amorphous solid?

A.Diamond B.Graphite C.Glass ...

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Is it true that if we lick diamond then we die ?

there are many mythologies that if we lick diamond then after some time we will die is it really true??

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What happened to Adele Bloch-Bauer's diamond choker necklace?

After the necklace was confiscated and given to Hermann Goering's wife, where did the necklace end up? ...

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Is moissanite ring is better then the diamond ring for the engagement ?

Moissanite is a diamond simulant made of silicon carbide. A diamond simulant is a stone that has a ...

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