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If a seller put her county on the title and its going to be notarized in a different county What to?

What do we do cross out her county or leave as is.

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Has anyone ever had 10 different interviews for 1 job?

I have had one interview on the phone and one video interview. Now they are scheduling another video interview and then another seven individual ...

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Toxicity of Atropa Belladonna?

Does anyone know the toxicity category of Atropa Belladonna? I'm doing sort of a personal project on different types of poisonous plants and the ...

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Christian LeBlanc on Y& R, his voices sounds so different. Why?

He plays Michael on the Young and the Restless, and for sure in the last week, his voice is totally ...

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Does Melissa Benoist from Supergirl have two different eye colors?

I was watching it before and noticed that her eyes don't seem to have the same color. Is this how ...

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Ideas for my own website?

I've been wanting to create a website for quite a while now. I have a number of different interests but I'm not sure how to channel ...

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