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Why were there no small land or sea dinosaurs when the COMET struck?

Only small land, sea, and flying animals survived. Where were the small dinosaurs?

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In Jurassic Park, Fallen World ... the little dinosaur who breaks down a wall ... what kind is he?

This cute little dino saves the heroes by breaking down a wall.

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When did the dinosaurs live?

Was it before man, or did they existing during the beginning of man's history?

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How can dinosaurs be 66 million years ago, but the bible says the earth is about 10,000 years old?

How can dinosaurs be 66 million years ago, but the bible says the earth ...

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How do I weigh my head?

dont want to cut it off to do it but despratly need to find out how much my head weights! can i rest it in a kitching scales? thank you i am in a ...

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What are some, extinct sea creatures, air creatures, or underground life?

Please, no dinosaurs Iv'e heard plenty about them.

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Is it jif or gif?

my friend related it to dinosaurs, he said words evolve and they kill of other words. He also says the jif is like the bird of words

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What is the fastest dinosaur?

This is about paleontology

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