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A person confesses to killing and shows the police the dead bodies.Will they still do a DNA check?

A DNA check on the dead bodies( they are unrecognisable now as the bodies have decayed) to confirm if their identities are the same as the people who ...

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How long does touch DNA last??

I have OCD with a particular person and I just dont like touching them... i wash everything if they touch my belongings. this person ...

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Where did DNA instructions come from?

Biologists have spent decades studying human genetics and the detailed instructions that are embedded in the amazing molecule called ...

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Google - Is there DNA in your food? How do you know?

Based on an extraction lab, how do we know there is DNA in our food? I know there is dna in our food, but how do we ...

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Question about using fossilised/frozen DNA to bring back extinct species?

Hello I have been watching some items on YouTube and have become engrossed in the theory that, ...

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