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Can I feed betta fish fry freeze dried blood worms or freeze dried baby brine shrimp?

I have betta fish fry and have been sticking to egg yolks as a first food as of now. Can I feed them freeze-dried blood worms or baby brine shrimp? I ...

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Found Carved Stone in Maidu Area?

Up in the foothills of Nevada city , there are lots of Maidu artifacts like grinding stones. In a dried up pond I found a 2.5" perfectly oval ...

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Horticulture - While we were out of town in December we turned down the house thermostat.

When we returned after 2 weeks the temperature in the house was 45 degrees and after a few days the leaves of the coffee tree dried up and fell off ...

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Marks/symbols appearing on skin after astral projection?

This morning, i astral projected. After coming back to full body awareness, i had a hot shower. I dried myself ...

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Can you get pregnant from fingering with dried sperm on hand after licked and wiped?

Me and my girlfriend had some fun today. I fap and cummed on my own hand. Then, I ...

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My dog JUST ate a box of "sun maid rasins" is she gonna die!?!?

i had a box (not very big) of sun dried raisins in my lunch box, its been about 3 hours and 28 mins she ...

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Iphone connecter broke! help!?

so I dropped my iPhone4 in water. We took it apart then blow dried it with the hair dryer and left it to dry some more. Once we put it ...

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Accident. Put my kindle in washing machine. Got out quickly and dried out. Won't start yet. Tips?

Accidentally put my kindle in with washing into machine. I had started ...

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