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Can to much drinking cause you to bleed?

I have a friend that is a very heavy drinker, when he drinks he bleeds from his rectal. he has had blood work done, and nothing was found.

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Is it OK to drink non alcoholic beer every night. 5 or 6 330ml bottles?

Can’t find much on the subject but was wondering if there is any bad things to drinking non alcoholic beer every day.

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Caffeine and energy suppliments?

Whenever I intake a product with caffeine (coffee, energy drinks etc) or an energy tablet. Instead of getting the energy boost, every time I end up ...

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My boyfriend kissed a girl right in front of me?

my boyfriend of 3 months and i went out to a pub with some friends. I've never really been out with him before. We ...

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If Vampires drink blood y dont they die from aids?

i really want to know dammit

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Im 12 and have chest pains?

Hi. im 12. And, i get some chest pains. They dont last for a super long time. Maybe, 2 minutes? But, if i drink a cup of water, it feels ...

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