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What is a melodic tom?

I'm trying to find a drum set that is able to play multiple pitches at once. It may be of Japanese origins, but I'm not sure.

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Why do I blink when I hear a drum?

I played in my high school band but had to quit because I couldn’t stop blinking. It happened whenever the drums would start playing and I ...

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What hip hop song has a submarine sonar sound in it?

I heard a hip hop song the other day but i cant remember the words. The beat has been stuck in my head though. It had ...

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Help to find a movie name?

The only thing I remember about the movie - in opening credits there was a crazy jazz drum solo in some restaurant(Gene Krupa style). Black and ...

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3 rock or/and metal songs with drum importance?

Hey there, simple question. Can you name 3 metal or/and 3 rock songs where drums are really important (they stand out) ...

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Band name help!?

Me and my friends are making a band. The four of us both play our own instrements. Guitar, bass and drums. We also sing. We have two names we can't ...

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