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Mafia - How many Consiglieres can be in a family? Can a consigliere live on the east coast and?

... advise and visit on the west coast to help?

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Need help with my future career choice?

I live in the Middle East and I am about to make it to my second year of high school and at the beginning of the second year I have choose between a ...

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What anime is right for me?

i have seen Chobits, Fruits Basket, Princess Tutu, Ouran high school host club, and a little bit of baka and test, black butler, and eden of ...

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M so confused !!! I feel that I live in illusion !!! ... People please help?

well , m 20 years old girl ... I live in the middle east- jordan .... I belong to muslim ...

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I need help with am Dog and its emergency?

Okay so i bought a dog in a store in Dallas, Tx in a mall call Town East. So the store was call Pet zone . But when i when back ...

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What do english people eat?

I'm curious. What would an English person have for each meal and what are some traditional dishes and desserts in south east England near ...

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Do I need a visa to get out of my home country's airport? Or is having a ticket enough?

If I am an asylum seeker for example, and I need to get out of a my country which ...

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