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Why do TV commercials and shows amplify eating and drinking sounds?

It's harmful to people that have misophonia.

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Do I have diabetes?

I m 14 and my dad died and he had diabetes. I dont no if I have diabetes or not. I keep on getting headaches, losing weight, very thirsty, eating ...

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Can too much watermelon cause muscle weakness?

My muscles have felt significantly weaker the past 6 months and I think it might be watermelon and it is one of the side effects of eating too much. ...

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I want to lose weight but I can't stop eating is there kind of food or any thing to have will help?

well i want to lose 10 kg. but i can't tird alot of diets but i ...

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Am I developing an eating disorder? is what Im doing bad for me?

I'm 14 & all my life ive been fat. Ive been insecure all my life & I hate myself. Ive been ...

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Is eating ice good for you?

i think i have an addiction eating ice.

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Grass eating animals called as?

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Will I lose weight with this routine?

Since the start of the year, I have made some healthy changes to my lifestyle and that includes eating healthy meals and exercising. ...

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