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A package of cookies is a cube that has an edge length of 2 ½ in. They are packed into a larger....

...box that measures 40 inches by 10 inches by 6 ¼ inches. How many of the packages of cookies can fit in the larger box?

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What do I do first? Lay edges and than make-up or the other way around?

Hello. So I've been doing my edges lately with some gel (it's white but dries see-through). When I first do my make-up and lay my edges ...

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How do I get all of the slime out of the container?

I bought slime online but once I received it, the slime was stuck to the edges of the container. I already added some activator but it didnt help ...

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How do I get the blades out of a metal sharpener?

I've tried scissors, pencils,knives, anything with a flat edge and nothing. I need to get those blades and i dont ...

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Girl I like...signs?

when in class i keep glancing at her and she looks back at the edge of her eye but when notices i look at her too, she quickly looks away.and the ...

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