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Is mobile SEO important?

These days I often observe that Mobile SEO is trending and a lot of businesses putting their effort into making their website mobile-friendly, is it ...

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I put to much effort into my posts, how do I get more likes? Or get my art 'out there'?

Hello! I'm a teenage girl trying to get my art out there in the world, and I feel like I put way to much effort into my art with the amount of ...

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If your husband buys you the same anniversary card two years in a row, should he buy you a new one?

I received the same anniversary card two years in a row from my husband. I asked for a new card and he stayed that I should be happy with the effort ...

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How to lose weight?

without effort

5 answers | | Open

Google - Does he like me?

... I like this guy and ive caught him looking at me and he always makes an effort to say hi even if we're just passing. He compliments me ...

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Help Me PLEASE !!!!?

..Me and my ex boyfriend dated for 3 years and recently he broke up with me and he told me he couldn't progress with me because I wasn't ...

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My roommate and her boyfriend are attached at the hip and they haven't even been going out a year.?

... I'm the only single girl in my apartment and my roommates ...

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My boyfriend of 5 years has told me he has no time to talk to me during the day at work! Help please

I must say it's been the rockiest relationship I ever had. I ...

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