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The Electoral Commission of Ghana, since its inception has done marvelously well in conducting...

... several elections in this country. Though these have been successful over the years, it may still seem as if there are lots of challenges that ...

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How does primarying in governor positions work?

Hello with the upcoming election this year in Texas for governor and U.S. Senate, how does the primary work? Do the hopeful contenders gather on a ...

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Which are common arguments against election of Judges as opposed to pointing them at the state leve?

1. The process is less Democratic than appointment because the state legislature has a say. 2. The Missouri plan prefers judges state their political ...

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How can I check to see if I'm registered to vote?

Is there a phone number I can call or website I can look up? What do I need in terms of ID?

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Why do some dictatorships adopt some of the features of democratic government?

Such as popular elections and elected legislative bodies

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If the president-elect died before the inauguration, who will be the new president?

The candidate from the other party (2nd place in election), or the ...

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