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Is 13 still a kid or no?

I’m gonna be 13 tomorrow and I wanna stay young! I really miss that happy no worry feeling and now it’s all ending! I miss being younger ...

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Does Ellen Degeneres plan on ending her TV show!?

Is the Ellen Degeneres show ending and when?

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When and Why is the world going to end in 2012?

2012, world ending, world, mians, physic, history

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When is the world ending with zombies or meteor?

i hear people talking that the world's gonna end in 2012 or more years with the zombies.(im new logged in this ...

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Wen u argue with the one u love but stil ending up kool stil.does dat meen ur not ment 2 be?

we and dis gurl broke up the other week and we started arguing all the time ...

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What should I do if I get bullied I get bullied in three ways I get cyber bullied, emotional?

... bullied, physically bullied and I almost committed suicide about it but ...

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What is going to happen on September 23? I don't get it. End of the world? Quick answer pls?

Is the world ending? Is some planet going to crash into Earth (xd) ??

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