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How to build the perfect front end developer portfolio?

What's more important while applying for a job? It is a portfolio or a professional resume. It is important for the best results in your career. ...

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What’s the end of the universe and the start of the end?

I know the answer I’m just testing to see if someone can figure out this riddle

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A certain number of persons are sitting in a row facing towards the north.the distance between the?

... adjacent persons sitting in the row is a consecutive multiple of 3m from the left end.information about only a few persons is known.the distance ...

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What words begin and end with the same letter?

I'm looking for a long list of English words that begin and end with the same letter

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Is the world going to end in2012?

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Beside the window there's a table, on the table got 12 lighted up candles . Then got wind blow 3?

... candles fire off, later on another 5 more candles been blowed off. ...

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I REALLY like a girl, but she lives across the state, what do I do?????

I went to a conference in Las Vegas, and at the end, we had a banquet. After that, we had a dance. ...

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