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I have a 2009 VW Passat. Throttle position sensor or engine wiring harness?

The dealer indicated that I needed and wants to charge $1700 for a new engine wiring harness. The symptoms I am having are that which a faulty ...

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What engine can I use? 1994 Buick century?

I have just bought a 1994 buick century and I'm wanting to engine swap for higher performance engine.what engine or engines can I use?

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Why on planes don't offer parachutes for saving in case of danger?

Please don't tell me that planes fly too high because the altitude can be reduced to an acceptable one and controlled even without engines on..

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I've overhauled, but the car still won't start?

I've overhauled a mitsubishi Diamante '92 DOHC V6 engine. I've timed the engine, when I try to start it, it ...

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What is the Search engine optimization?

Hi friends i want to known what is the search engine optimization... nad what is the benifiets of the SEO

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Panda and Penguin?

Hey Now day’s panda and penguin are effecting on content and keywords so what is the best strategy for Search Engine Optimization.

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