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Discuss the social groups that the Neanderthals might have had. What does the evidence show? What is

... the significance of a group structure that includes the very young and the very old? Given the recent genetic evidence, do you think ...

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I went to hospital to get an ultrasound cheeked and the result say the uterus is of normal size...

... the patient' sage. Endometrial stripe is unremarkable no evidence of retained secretion or focal masses no evidence of free fluid in the ...

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Do you think the Bible is a book from God or from man?

I do know the answer to the question, but I am interested in the view point of others on this. Many feel it is ...

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Why do we believe in things that nobody else would see?

Like God. There isn't any evidence that God really exists right? I believe God exists because he was the one ...

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Is there any physical evidence that God exists?

Any physical evidence that God exists?

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Do the Greek gods exist or not?

Can someone please put forward some logical evidence that they don't? I have a friend who is sure that she's a demigod after ...

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Is there any evidence that black holes can suck up light? If so, has astronauts been sucked up? Yet?

...I am just wondering if there has been any evidence that astronauts ...

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