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Dan counted all the coins in his bank, and he had 72 quarters. Can he exchange the quarters 4 an 2 $

I really need help on this question I am very stuck

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Travel Money?

What could be the best possible way of getting superlative currency exchange offers before making a trip?

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Crystal - I was sent the wrong filter, how do I exchange it?

The filter is the wrong style for my filter housing. I've ordered these filters before, and had this mixup once. This filter is of no use to me.

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American School Algebra 1 exams 7-12 in need of extreme help?

I have completed quite a few other courses if anyone is up to trade or exchange help. I've completed ...

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Can somebody help me with American School : Environmental Science?

I am doing american school and i'm doing a book now called environmental science.Can someone give ...

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Betting exchange vs bookies?

Hey everyone, I am currently betting with bookies, but am now looking into betting? I would like to know what is the difference between a ...

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How do I delete a google calendar?

I want to delete an old Google calendar as it shows up on my Sony xperia phone and I just want to see my Exchange calendar. I can not ...

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Does he like me?

So there's a guy that I kind of have feelings for. He is really sweet and we joke around all the time. In one of my classes we exchange papers to ...

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