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The adjectival expression "with less wit than virtue" has come to me, but I don't remember how?

For example: With less wit (i.e., common sense) than virtue (i.e., with one's heart in the right place), he opened a hostel for down-and-outs.

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Plato - Which expression will you generate if you apply the Distributive Property and combine the?

... like terms in the expression x + 3y − y + 3x + 2(2 + 4 + y)?

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Google - Julian earns $13.50 per hour. His company deducts 23% of his pay each week for taxes.?

... Julian uses the expression 0.77 to compute his earnings after taxes for the hours h he works. What will be his earnings after taxes, if he ...

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What is your personal view on ‘street art’?

Some people feel that graffiti or ‘street art’ is a valid form of artistic expression. They believe that ...

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What is the answer to this expression 4 + 6 (8 - 7) (7 - 4) - 2?

What is the answer to this

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My parents won't let me express myself in the way that I want to?

I'm thirteen (which is still, understandably, young) and I'm struggling to find a way to ...

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