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Thomas Moore article - extra credit: in 5-7 sentences explain the following:

What is Thomas More’s “Utopia” (be descriptive, use quotes); What does More think is wrong with England or current society; What ...

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Why did my credit card get charged extra?

I just got a Discover Chrome student card and got my first purchase which was gas and only spend $30 but it said I went over my limit saying I spent ...

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Why is Android better than iPhone devices?

My English teacher said that he will give me extra credit if I write an argumentative essay. I am a strong believer that iPhone is trash, but I need ...

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Im in love?

hes extra sexy

10 answers | | Open

I am 13 and I weigh 140 lbs, and I would really like to weigh a HEATHLY 100 lbs, help?

I really would like to be comfy in my own skin, not have thigh fat or no extra ...

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What color should I dye my hair? (pictures included)?

I recently tried dying some extra blonde highlights in my hair and I've never tried it before, therefore ...

5 answers | | Open

Am I pregnant?

... every meal, and when I feel hungry it's like I HAVE to eat or I'll get shakey, I've been having mild cramping, and have been extra ...

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How to get an online job?

I need to earn some extra money by sitting from home? How can I find a better online job?

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