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Social Media Dilemma?

I've come across a 'cover band' facebook page which has a person I know in it (we know each other in a semi-professional environment). ...

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I have a F/B file that F/B wants me to download. How do I do that, then I can get back on F/B?

They reviewed my acct. to make sure it was me. After a day or so, they spit back a file called Facebook - my name 520.zip to download. I don't ...

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If you are unfriended on Facebook can you still send that person who unfriended you messages...

...on Messenger? After you send that person that unfriended you a message on messenger, what does the green check in a circle mean? It's not a ...

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Is lil wayne really dying???

Im following lil wayne on facebook and i seen he posted on there about his skin cancer and that he was dying soon. So i looked it up online ...

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How can I reset my facebook security question?

I am Kamal, I have a problem. My facebook account is well running but for security purposes I change little in its security ...

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What is a cute way to ask a guy for his number?

I met a guy at a party. I added him on Facebook but he doesn't seem to be online much. I just need a cute flirty way ...

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Fbook: can I prevent one person(A) from seeing wall posts, comments& tagged fotos from another(B)?

In Facebook how can I prevent one friend (A) from seeing Wall posts, ...

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I'm 17 and I have no social life. I'm always in my room on Facebook and I do this for hours to?

... distract myself from my boredom.. I don't go out because people ...

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