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I can't sustain my air long enough for my flute solo!?

I have to play a flute solo for my MPA and it's at the end of the piece. It's only 3 measures long, but I can't get my air to not fade ...

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What does it mean if I see a little red vein in my wrist?

It's not really really red, it's like a fade away red.

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How to make a warmup playlist?

I'm making a playlist for warmups of a game, but I need to be able to cut the sogs, fade into another, and get the songs for free and on my ...

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Some people say that love fades or dies after marriage, and others say it grows after marriage,?

... which path should one consider… to marry a suitable, ...

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How long does it take for scars to fade?

I used to self-harm on my arms and the scars are still there. They've turned white but aren't raised or indented at ...

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My Friend has stickers stains on his car how to remove them?

when I pulled stickers from the car they have the sticky residue has been left on the car as white marks. ...

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Why does this world feel empty?

The fun doesn't last. Love fades. Enjoyment is temporary. It all leads to me pondering my life at night.

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Why will my hair not hold color?!?

When I dye my hair, the color will either barely show up or fade after a few rinses. Keep in mind that I have blonde hair so any color ...

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