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Final Fantasy 14 question?

I think i remember reading somewhere that alot/most bosses in final fantasy 14 are just reskins of older ones. is that true?

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What are some good sci-fi/fantasy books for teens?

I really like reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good sci-fi/fantasy books. I like the Harry Potter ...

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I need books to read?

OK I am 13 and I DO NOT like Twilight, but I love fantasy books about mythical creatures, kingdoms, dragons, that sort of thing. The only problem ...

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What can I draw ?

im good at drawing fantasy ,animals,anime,cartoon.....soo... any ideas ? thank u :)

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What types of mask are there which can cover your mouth?

I'm writing a fantasy world where the good guys wear part of a mask to shield their identity and make sure ...

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Extreme foot fetish question?

I have a fetish for worshipping high heels, but thats not the part I have a question about. In my fantasy I imagine a woman that owns me ...

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I need a name for a short story I'm writing?

It's a short fantasy story and the main theme is that fire is dangerous as well as helpful. If you could come up with a ...

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