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Looking for a sci-fi series?

Series opens up with people in the water and one by one an alien like being tells them they have been revived by their dna and its now far into the ...

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How can I convince my parents to let me get a phone?

I'm 16. My dad doesn't want my younger siblings to have a phone when they're older, due to problems with trusting them. I am far more ...

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How far are the Linkedin Leads reliable?

How far are the Linkedin Leads reliable?

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After sex my girlfriend leaves a huge wet spot, is this normal?

The spot is huge, clear, and has no smell. As far as we know she doesn't squirt. We want to know if ...

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Can someone help me translate my english into arabic? Im really desperate and would appreciate it?

In finding yourself you have found God In reaching to your own center ...

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How do I convince my mom I can do something?

i want to dye my hair but she says no and acts like my hair is gonna fall out.she really told me a far fetched story that ...

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I need Relationship/crush advice! Please help! Thanks!?

Ok so I have a huge crush on my friend. We're both girls. She is openly bisexual and as far as everyone knows ...

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Credit card bankruptcy?

what i need to know to declare as far as my asset.

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