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Crystal - I was sent the wrong filter, how do I exchange it?

The filter is the wrong style for my filter housing. I've ordered these filters before, and had this mixup once. This filter is of no use to me.

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How come when I pause a recorded video, I can see missing parts in the backround?

the missing parts are easier to see when zoomed or a filter is added because they blend in with the current picture

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How do I filter my email?

Hello, I receive a lot of unwanted messages in my inbox. It really annoys me. Can you please tell me how do I filter my email?

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I got a camel cigarette from someone a little while ago and I liked it, don't know which type it is?

it had a reddish pink stripe on the filter and i thought it might be ...

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What type of fish should I get as a pet?

I been thinking about getting a fish that doesn't need heating or filters to survive, and the fish can live for at least 5 ...

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Why do people always use those ugly filters on Instagram?

I've noticed some people post photos through Instagram and they always seem to have some kind of filter ...

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Why does my rainbow shark stay near the filter?

I got 2 fish one is a black fin shark and the other one is a rainbow shark/ red fin shark. The rainbow shark was swing ...

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