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How do I fix my 3-DS to show the menu when I turn it on after being fixed recently?

Hi. I recently fixed the touch screen of my 3-DS and it turns on. However, when I turned it on a second time over a few days, the screen ...

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How much does it cost to replace my car ignition?

The cost to get car ignition fixed quickly.

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What kind of things can be fixed using replacement glass?

Things get torn and broken in daily use, so instead of purchasing a new one, I want to replace the glass for a few of the things. Can I get the ...

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Can a relationship still be fixed and last if the person you are with cheated and lied to you?

If someone has cheated and lied but claims they have made bad choices and ...

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Do you recommend fixing a puppy?

I have a 6 months old puppy, it is time to get him fixed but I am worry about that. I need your opinion.

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When I fix my cracked iPhone 6 will it replace the damaged LCD to ?

I dropped my phone a week ago and it cracked and I chipped of a piece of glass and I damaged my LCD ...

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