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I want to sell a picture I drew myself?

Is there a place in Vancouver where I can sell my paintings? It can be a store, a place like a flea market, or even a street market?

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Dog has black patches on his belly and he feels like he running a temp erature?

He don't have fleas and his skin is too oily

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Any suggestions on how to get rid of fleas? I have tried absolutely everything?

Any suggestions on how to get rid of fleas? I have tried absolutely everything. My cat has been at my mom's place for the past month, so I ...

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Flea problem?

I have three cats, one has fleas so she gave it to my other cats question is, if I wash them with flea shampoo, put a flea collar on them tonight, clean ...

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Google - small itchy bumps?

I have small bumps on my feet and they seem to be spreading. At first I thought it was flea bites but now that I'm back in my own home ...

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My dog is shaking and grunting and is not as active as usual?

We recently adopted a stray cat about 2 weeks ago. We also put flea medicine in him.

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How to use peppermint oil in killing dog fleas?

Dog fleas are a punishment on dogs as they slowly make the pet very ill, so ill that the pet cannot do anything.

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Where on the body does a flea bite you?

plz answer

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