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Spirit - How do I check my miles?

I would like to know how many miles I have in order to make a purchase of a flight

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DST changed from 1.5 hr to 0.5 Hr. What difference would it make for my scheduled flight time 11:42?

My Flight from Austin,Tx. was booked 7 months ago when DST was 1.5 Hr. Now that it has changed to .5 Hr. what difference would it make if My ...

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Who is responsible?

Pax is traveling from “A” airlines n connection to “B” Airlines with a kid. Flight was delay, kid got hurt at “B” ...

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Will my pet rats be ok ??

I have 4 rats and I went on holiday for 5 days. I left enough food and 2 water bottles for them, but my flight has been cancelled and now ...

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Travel agent?

Can a travel agent find better deals on overseas flights than I can find myself by shopping with the internet?

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Will I be allowed to land in Japan for a connecting flight while Im deported from Japan?

I'm currently deported from Japan for 5 years, 2 remaining. My question is, ...

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How to plan a trip to South Beach Florida?

My friends and I are all 18 and want to plan a trip to South Beach Florida, but don't know where to start. We would like ...

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