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When I drink something, white particles tend to show up. Is it safe to drink?

After I drink my pepsi bottle, I look into it and see a lot of white particles floating around in it. Of course, the particles were not there before ...

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I have spots floating around in my eye. Should I be worried?

I have spots floating around in my eye. Should I be worried?

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You are observing a sample of cells in the lab to determine why they did not divide?

You notice that the chromosomes are lined up in the middle of the cell, but floating freely not attached to anything. What part of the cell is likely ...

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Paranormal - When I was younger. I was asleep and awoke to lady in a white dress floating above me.

I was unable to move or scream. What was this, and why was I unable to ...

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How do fish poop?

i mean for real i see crap all over the fish tank floating around but no booty holes on the fish, please help

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What does this reoccurring dream mean?

Almost every single night I have different dreams but they all involve me pretty much having no gravity and I keep floating away ...

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What would happen if all the gravity would flip upwrards would you float up fall up or fall down?

What if all the gravity in the world started to go upwards would you be ...

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