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How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Please tell me, what is the cost of professional carpet cleaning in Florida? Can anyone know how to calculate this cost? Or maybe average cost?

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How would I locate a springs in the woods if I only heard about the location?

In Florida lake county on power line road FL.

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Is it possible to remove mugshots from florida.arrests.org?

I want to get rid of my mugshot on florida.arrests.org! I just got arrested and released because I was ...

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Car shipping?

Do you know any really reliable car shipping company to transport my car from Florida to California?

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What is the average cost for an apartment in Miami Florida?

Looking for a place to rent in Miami this summer. Would like to know what are average costs for an apartment ...

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I'm 16 visiting my father in Florida, I'm working and my dad is saying he can take my money can he?

OK so I live with my mom in Nc and I'm visiting my dad in ...

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