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What middle name would flow well with a boy who'll have the first name Levi last name Gum?

My wife and I are see soon to be first time parents and she is dead set on the ...

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I really have love issues and I need help :(? Okay so I don't talk to people a lot and I don't?

... fall in love easily too.. so there's this guy back in high ...

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This river has many names, a couple of which mean "long river" and "gold sand river". it is the?

... longest river in the asia and also the longest to flow entirely with ...

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Just had my first period but I think somethings wrong? Im scared!!?

i thought i had started my period today, like a really heavy flow. it was up my thighs and all over my ...

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What is the effective annual rate (EAR)?

What is the effective annual rate (EAR)? a. The cash flows of an investment over a one year period divided by the number of times ...

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