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How should the mechanical noise of the Toyooki plunger pump be controlled?

Since the noise type of the Toyooki piston pump mainly includes mechanical noise and fluid noise, what are the main methods for controlling the ...

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Why won't my GoPed start?

My GoPed won't start. I changed old spark plug with new one. And even tried spraying starter fluid.

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How do I fix backhoe attachment hydraulic cylinder that squeals?

Fluid level is good & everything is greased? I've got a new Kubota L3901 tractor with a backhoe attachment. and only 125 hours. I've ...

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Why do I feel sick in the mornings after drinking fluids?

In the mornings I cannot stomach liquids- milk, water- you name it. It makes me feel sick, or I gag or I cough. ...

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Physics help! Fluids?

1. The density of gold is 19 300 kg/m3. What is the mass of a gold sphere whose diameter is 3.15 cm? 2. A child wants to pump up a bicycle tires so ...

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What do I do in this situation?

When I am making out with my girlfriend, (just kissing passionately) it gets intense and I start releasing fluid, but if we continue to ...

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Had surgery, and have been leaking spinal fluid for a month, how serious?

About a month ago, my husband had a pain pump surgically installed and about four days after I ...

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