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I have completely forgotten what has happened in a week. I remember nothing. What do I do?

From Monday last week to Sunday morning, I have no memory of what went on. I can't find any answers on what could have happened.

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How to sew a button so that there is a half inch of thread between the button and the garment?

My mother taught me how to do this about 55 years ago, but I have forgotten. I know it is simple but I don't want to make a mistake!

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How do I break into my old Sentry Safe?

So I haven’t used this safe in a year and I have forgotten the combo, I need to get into it tonight, does anyone know how i could break in? ...

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Finding a song by music video description?

I'm trying to find a song, but I've forgotten everything except some parts of music video. This song somehow reminds ...

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How many calories should kids 9-12 eat?

I have forgotten how many calories kids 9-12 should eat an I don't want to think it is too much or too little , I want it to ...

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Has he forgotten me?

My relationship was of 2 years and this one is 3rd year going on. I loved him a lot and he loved me more then I loved him in those 2 years. Everyone ...

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I am looking for a animation movie about small creatures that meet humans. I forgot the name?

I am looking for a movie. I have seen a trailer of it but I have forgotten ...

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