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What year was the circle instead of the dot made in hand writing?

found an old map with circles above the i's and J's instead of dots- trying to date the map- the words on the hand-drawn map was French ...

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Should Quebec be an independent country?

Currently Quebec is in Canada. In fact, a lot of Canada’s profit comes from Quebec. But the French in Quebec fears they may lost their ...

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The term physics was derived from which language?

a)english b)latin c)greek d)french e)none

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What is The Best Online Translator Thank Google I can find ?

iam using Google translator but seem to have some errors i need Translation site that offer translation ...

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A French friend said "Tu es très blageuse dis donc (;" What does this mean?

I don't speak French, so we've been speaking through a translator. I said: ...

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How do I force myself to speak and type french?

My boyfriend is French, and he gets absolutely mad at me if I speak anything but French... but it's so hard for me ...

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Numbers in french?

What is 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 in french please!!!! I need to know soon and google translate is not working for me at the moment. Thanks!

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