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Food - What is the cost of 2 tablespoons finely grated fresh ginger and 1/4 cup chopped...

... crystallized ginger for a costing paper? Plus what would be the general labor cost for baking and icing a cake? Thanks.

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Froze a fresh kill without processing due to it being late?

i killed my first duck and instantly froze it without plucking/harvesting it due to it being so late and so tired. what would be the safest way to ...

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Hydrology - small Maine island, only 1 mile long has very limited fresh water. enter an island?

... brewery that is using well water. several surrounding wells have gone dry. I assumed that was because the brewery was pumping so much out of ...

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Should fresh cut flowers be put in cold or warm water?

I was told that fresh cut flowers should be put into cold water than I was told the flowers should be put in warm ...

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Is online flovwer deliver is a good option?

I wanted reviews on online flowers delivery websites. Are these website good option to delivers fresh flowers to someone ...

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When will we run out of water?

I am just curious about when we will run out of fresh water. When I mean "fresh water", I mean the 1% of water we can drink and ...

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We are looking for fresh designs in kitchen cabinets. Where should we start exploring?

We are looking for fresh designs in kitchen cabinets. Where should we start ...

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