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What gadget I can buy that can connect to my wifi and accessible via remote that can play sounds?

I have trouble waking up to just my alarm clock and sometimes my wife needs the same thing. We have different shifts and mostly need a gadget like ...

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Gadget - What product can I buy that will track movement over a 24 hour period? I am thinking like a

... GPS watch, but something that can go in someone's pocket. I would need it to provide a record of where I have walked over a 24 hour period

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Help to choose name for electronic gadget shop?

I have these domain names Which of them is the most attractive and ...

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Gadget - I GOT A PHONE and When it is plugged in to the charger, it randomly shuts off and says?

... insert battery, then it says battery charging, then it says charge ...

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How can I tell if milk is spoiled without smelling it?

I suffer from anosmia (the inability to percieve odours) so cannot simply smell the milk. Is there a simple test or ...

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How to recharge an intempo bts-2 wireless Bluetooth speaker?

On argos it says its rechargeable and unfortunately whilst redecorating my room the manual has been ...

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How does an ipod work?

They are so small how do they fit it all in there?

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