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What annual flowers do butterflies like?

I want to plant a butterfly garden, but I don't know what flowers butterflies like, and I don't want perennials because I will have to ...

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What should I plant in a light shaded butterfly garden in Georgia?

I live in GA so the soil is tougher than normal and it's hotter. I have a limited amount of light shade space (mostly it would have to be in ...

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Swarm. Can anyone help I have a swarm of bees land in my front garden hedge 3 days ago and they hav?

have been no problem until today and they are flying everywhere in the front garden. Will they eventually go does anyone no from experience.

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A thought has puzzled me for a long time, Did God create the earth or just the "Garden of Eden"?

Quiz me... "Why?" if, God made the only two humans on Earth, ...

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Why do earthworms come out in the rain?

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What should I put on the bottom of a wooden box for planting my greens?

I live above a business and am going to make a garden with containers and these two wooden boxes ...

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How to stop a four year old dog weeing in the house, we have tried many different things!?

We have tried many things like the door is open to go out into the garden, we ...

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Do trash bags contain insecticides?

Is it safe to store food (such as large volumes of garden greens) in a garbage bag?

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