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What happened to the people here before Native Americans replaced them?

Every Native American stands on ground that once belonged to someone else. Their bones are here; why do none of their genes survive? How did those ...

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In mice, the spinning behavior is caused by a dominant gene that affects the mouse's equilibrium.

This gene is lethal (deadly) if two alleles are present. Two "spinning mice" are mated together. Show the cross. What are the phenotypes of ...

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Which of the following sentences best encapsulates this paragraph’s conclusion? "A study by?

... neuroscientists at the University of California Irvine showed people ...

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Help to find a movie name?

The only thing I remember about the movie - in opening credits there was a crazy jazz drum solo in some restaurant(Gene Krupa style). Black and ...

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Life after death?

So it has recently been proven that the genes in certain organisms stay alive after the death of that organism. It includes a story about the genes ...

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Is human voice from the genes?

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I am opposed to the manipulation of human genes for any purpose. Its just not right. Who are they to be playing god?

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