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Please let me know your song recommendations about rain and night from the 80's and 90's?

Lately I've been wanting to hear songs from the 80's and 90's about rain and night. Ballads, slow tempo rock, pop, etc. Any genre is ...

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If Michael Myers were to be real "Which I know he's not" would he be all over the True Crime genre?

For example if Michael Myers were a real life serial killer murdering people like in the movies but in reality would he be all over the True Crime ...

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What have Le Samouraï and Pépé le Moko contributed to film noir? In what ways (positive or even?

... negatively) have they contributed to the evolution of this genre?

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What is your favorite movie genre? 1) Horror 2) Action 3) Comedy 4) Drama?

This is for a school project so if y'all could please help.

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Small Homework Survey! Help please!?

1. What movie genre do you prefer; Thriller or Comedy? 2. Have you ever broken a bone? Yes or no? 3. Are you right-handed or ...

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"What are your top 3 favorite genres of makeup?" what are the genres of makeup, please help!?

I am filling out an application for cosmetology school and I reached this ...

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What is the sub-genre of Tom appleby convict boy?

Hey i need some help, i am doing a book review but cant workout the sub-genre of this book. Ive done research but cant ...

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