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Help finding a movies title! Genre: horror?

So all I remember is two twin sisters are on this little ride in an amusement park and one of the sisters gets grabbed and disappears. The other ...

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What is the genre of music is the Mexican acoustic western style portrayed in films like Desperado?

Pretty much anything Quinten or Rodriguez made.

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What's another word for "Magick Drain"?

I'm working on writing a book, Sci-Fi genre, mind you. I'm not particularly liking the words "Magick Drain" for an ability name. ...

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What is your favorite movie genre? 1) Horror 2) Action 3) Comedy 4) Drama?

This is for a school project so if y'all could please help.

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Small Homework Survey! Help please!?

1. What movie genre do you prefer; Thriller or Comedy? 2. Have you ever broken a bone? Yes or no? 3. Are you right-handed or ...

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"What are your top 3 favorite genres of makeup?" what are the genres of makeup, please help!?

I am filling out an application for cosmetology school and I reached this ...

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What is the sub-genre of Tom appleby convict boy?

Hey i need some help, i am doing a book review but cant workout the sub-genre of this book. Ive done research but cant ...

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